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Inflow and infiltration describes an issue experienced by many riverfront cities. Stormwater and groundwater enter city sewer systems, increasing the burden on these collection systems. Due to increased effluent, the cost of treating wastewater can skyrocket, but that’s not the only problem. The groundwater and stormwater mix with sewage, raising a host of concerns for citizens and officials.

Keep reading to learn How A-Z Underground can help residents and cities mitigate the negative impacts of inflow and infiltration.

How Does I&I Affect You?

Inflow and infiltration introduce Clear water into the sewage system and, sometimes, cause it to overflow. Once the sewer system reaches capacity, it floods sidewalks, basements, and streets. This causes significant health issues in the originating communities and those upstream. You may wonder whether this phenomenon impacts your neighborhood. Communities throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and numerous other Riverside cities have experienced I&I, and some of them are finding ways to fight back.

How Does Infiltration and Inflow Affect You?

As you can imagine, infiltration and inflow affect you and other citizens in several ways. Wastewater contains bacterial pathogens that can cause a variety of diseases. When the wastewater backs up into rivers, streams and lakes, it contaminates water supplies distributed to numerous communities. Additionally, I&I negatively impacts wildlife, including fish and animals that drink the contaminated water.

Further, additional water makes it difficult if not impossible to properly treat all the water flowing through wastewater management plants. Therefore, poorly treated waste flows back into area waterways.

Dealing with infiltration overflow has cost taxpayers many millions of dollars. On a brighter note, there are positive things that communities and individuals can do to alleviate future incidents of I&I.

What Cities Have Infiltration and Inflow Problems?

The Twin Cities are among many Mississippi communities affected by infiltration and inflow problems. Area governments have spent over $300 million to mitigate the negative impacts of this issue. Additionally, the cities have built infrastructure to reduce the influx of wastewater into your system.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul also created a regional partnership to help local communities proactively reduce I&I and raise awareness of the issue. A-Z Underground proudly provides escalation and other services that assist residents and businesses looking to reduce contamination of the treated water supply.

How You Can Reduce Inflow and Infiltration in Minneapolis, MN

Local governments in the Twin Cities metro area have identified ways to reduce infiltration & inflow. Property owners can repair damaged sewer service lines with the help of trenchless or excavation-assisted plumbing services courtesy of A-Z Underground. We can also help you replace old clay pipes and ensure that your sanitary sewer pipes do not connect to the city sanitary sewer system.

Meanwhile, cities and towns are spreading the word about the negative impacts of infiltration and inflow, conducting sump pump inspections and working together for cleaner waterways and drinking water.

Benefits of Infiltration and Inflow Countermeasures

Everybody wins when citizens take positive measures to prevent sewage overflow at the source, their homes, and businesses. In the long run, these efforts will reduce the cost of sewer treatment in Minneapolis, and in the surrounding communities affected by I&I.

In many cases, we can use trenchless plumbing techniques to keep down the cost of replacing metal or clay pipes in your water or sewer lines. However, if your pipes are too damaged for CIPP or pipe bursting, you can ask one of our team members about our industry-leading excavation services. We can trace leaks and clogs to their source, excavate your water or sewer line and replace the damaged parts. When you have modern pipes that don’t leak, your wastewater reaches the city sewer lines instead of collecting in the groundwater only to resurface after the next big storm.

Contact A-Z Underground in Minneapolis, MN, today to learn more about infiltration and inflow, how they impact you and how we can help you do something about it!

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