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If you own a business in Minneapolis, MN, you may wonder who is responsible for repairing storm sewer damage in a corporate, industrial, or commercial environment. The answer depends on the type of repairs needed and where the system is located.

In most cases, local municipalities maintain storm and sewer drains along the side of roadways and public properties such as parks. However, if a storm management system lies completely on your commercial property or campus, you may have to handle repairs and the replacement of pipes and drains.

We offer both trenchless and trenched commercial sewer services. So, if you need to install a new catch basin or other components of your storm management system, we can help. Over time, corrosion and debris can impact the effectiveness of your storm pipes. If you develop a blockage, clog, or leak, it can cause flooding or puddles that attract bugs and other pests.  So, keep your customers and employees safe with regular commercial store maintenance and repairs.

Why Dig a Trench?

In some cases, other methods do not provide the answers we need to locate the blockage or broken pipe for your commercial storm sewer system. Fortunately, we also have excavation equipment that helps us reach various components of the storm management system on your property. We also recommend that you increase the longevity of your system with regular maintenance and cleaning.

When cleaning alone does not suffice, it could indicate that you have a broken pipe or major leak somewhere in the system. While we do everything in our power to rehabilitate your existing storm drain solution, we may recommend that you invest in a more modern system. Often, in order to remove the old pipes and drains, we dig a trench to access and replace the old components.

Commercial Storm Sewer Repairs

When you have a crack in a drainpipe, the water can leak into the surrounding soil, build up and cause flooded parking lots and standing water in basements or buildings. In order to prevent this disaster or maintenance nightmare, contact one of our experienced plumbers to find out how your organization can benefit from this service.

Do your commercial storm sewers connect to municipal sewer lines? If so, it’s important to understand local regulations regarding the maintenance and repair of this system.

What Is a Parking Lot Catch Basin?

If you need additional drainage around your commercial parking lot, you could hire us for excavation services to create a parking lot catch basin. This system will help maintain proper drainage and prevent moisture from accumulating on your commercial property.

When it comes to commercial property maintenance, parking lot catch basins and other storm drainage assets can prevent leaves and debris from clogging the system. Frozen snow will settle on parking lots when the water has nowhere else to go. Similarly, puddles of water will collect on your carefully landscaped commercial properties without the appropriate services performed by our commercial excavation team.

What can you do to help prevent clogs and damage to your commercial storm sewer? Ask your maintenance team to clean up accumulated Leaves and debris that could end up in your storm system. Additionally, you can call in the experts before your storm pipe or drain malfunction becomes an emergency. Make sure you understand where your responsibility ends and the city’s begins when it comes to making repairs to your commercial sewer system.

Commercial Storm Sewer Services in Minneapolis, MN

Don’t wait until the last minute to make the call. Failing to keep your commercial sewer system maintained can cause you to shut down parking lots and other flooded areas due to improper drainage. Instead, partner with our pros to keep your business open rain or shine. Contact A-Z Underground today to schedule commercial storm sewer services at your business.

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