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Water Line Repair


Directional drilling is also called horizontal boring, and it is a cost-effective way to repair or install water lines at your home or business in Minneapolis, MN. Because this method does not involve creating trenches, it can solve many problems, such as disrupting traffic, shutting down your business or making your home uninhabitable while repairs go on.

It is a nightmare when the waterline of your home or business bursts. Waterlines are highly susceptible, and a tree root, deterioration, and excessive water pressure can damage them. When these problems affect your clean water, it can lead to a number of problems. So, contact our pros to ensure that you receive waterline repair services from an experienced directional drilling team.

Directional Drilling Solutions for Your Water Line

We provide the best directional drilling waterline repair service with the assistance of our experienced technicians. Call on us for waterline services for your industrial, residential, and commercial units. By employing the latest technology, we can help ensure that your family has clean water for many years to come. Similarly, if you need waterline repairs for your commercial enterprise in Minneapolis, MN, we can work with you to make sure that your system is eligible for this service.

Signs You Need Waterline Repair

What are the signs that you can benefit from directional drilling for your water line repairs? Look for the following signs:

  • An unusual increase in the water bill
  • Poor water pressure
  • Noticing water discoloration and foul odor
  • Water in the lower level of your house or in the basement
  • Standing water found on sidewalks, walkways, or on the lawn

The risk of waterline damage increases as your system ages. Therefore, it’s critical to periodically monitor your water line. We can perform this crucial task before or after performing the necessary repairs to your system.

Few things are more critical than having clean water for your customers, employees and family. Therefore, if you suspect that you have leaks, blockages or other problems with your water source, we highly recommend that you call our team for an inspection of your system today.

How Directional Drilling Works When Repairing Your Waterline

We perform the necessary waterline repairs in three stages. First, we create a pilot hole. Second, we slowly enlarge it to prepare for the installation of the new line. Finally, we install and connect the new line, testing for leaks and issues once the new line is in place.

Next, we’ll look at a few of the benefits of using this technique over traditional methods. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our technicians at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Method?

Faster installation, lower cost and fewer disruptions are just some of the benefits of choosing this method. When you use directional drilling instead of digging a trench to replace your water line, we can complete the job much faster. It takes a significant amount of time to not only dig the trench and do the installation but to fill in the trench again. That doesn’t include the time you’ll spend fixing your landscaping.

It isn’t always possible to use this innovative technique. However, we recommend it whenever possible because trenchless water line repair won’t cost you as much money as traditional pipe replacement.

Because we only use one machine and a single hole to complete the entire process, it won’t disrupt your landscape significantly. This means that your family can get back to business as usual and your business can remain open longer when you choose directional drilling for your water line repair in Minneapolis, MN.

To learn more about directional drilling solutions for your water line repairs, contact our office in Minneapolis, MN, today. We are also available for emergency repairs and always choose the most direct method possible to get your water system up and running smoothly!

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