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Plumbing Excavation Services

In many cases, our plumbers can use trenchless plumbing methods to replace or repair your sewer lines, water lines or storm pipes. However, there are times when we need to dig a trench and do things the old-fashioned way. Plumbing excavation requires careful attention to detail and a specific skill set. Therefore, we do not recommend you do this on your own.

At A-Z Underground, we use pressurized water or other equipment to remove dirt from on top of your pipeline. This gives us access to pipes and fixtures that have become clogged, broken or otherwise damaged. In many cases, we replace old pipes with PVC and other modern materials that can last for many decades.

You may wonder when you need excavation plumbing services versus trenchless solutions.

Common Reasons We Recommend Plumbing Excavation

Poor soil conditions, blockages, tree roots and old pipes that are extremely damaged may require excavation. However, we will always suggest the least invasive and most budget-friendly solution available.

Poor Soil Condition

If you have particularly compacted soil that makes it hard for our equipment to reach damaged pipes, we may need to dig a trench to make the needed repairs. Soil can shift between the time someone installs sewer or water line pipes and when they require maintenance or repairs. In this case, it might not be possible to use no-dig solutions to fix your pipes.

Tree Roots

If you have several trees in your property that have infiltrated your outdoor pipes, we may need to dig a trench to access the sewer or water line you want to replace. Many times, we can handle these scenarios via trenchless plumbing techniques. However, in cases where there is simply too much damage to use these methods, we have to dig a trench and remove the old pipes in order to make room for PVC and other modern pipes.


There are certain blockages that we cannot clear through less invasive plumbing techniques. In this case, we may have to use plumbing excavation to reach the blockage and remove it.

If you have old pipes, they could be made out of concrete, metal or clay, among a myriad of other materials used in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. If at all possible, we will use trenchless technology to treat damaged plumbing. However, if the pipes are too old, the damage is too extensive, and there is a high probability of additional damage, our team reverts to the tried-and-true excavation techniques.

What To Look for When Hiring in a Plumbing Excavation Company

As you can see, this work involves a lot of complexity. Therefore, we recommend that you only hire experienced professional plumbers with the necessary credentials to excavate your plumbing systems. Before you hire a qualified plumber, such as A-Z Underground, ask for updated license and insurance documentation for peace of mind. 

Experience and Tools

With the right tools, a distinguished plumbing excavator can quickly dig a trench, locate the pipes to repair or replace and backfill the whole. We are a local company focused on serving residential and commercial customers with specific needs. Our plumbers and technicians only use the best quality tools and equipment to quickly perform each of these tasks.

Aside from hiring knowledgeable individuals, our teams train and work together until they become a formidable force applied to your clogged, broken, or old pipes.

When you have serious issues with the quality of your water, performance of your dreams and other plumbing issues, you need a qualified contractor to complete the work. When it comes to plumbing excavation in the Twin Cities, A-Z Underground is ready to help!

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